Unsung Heroes: the drama behind the scenes of London's Olympic legacy

My book is a story about the drama behind the scene of the planning of London's Olympic legacy. I had unprecedented access to the legacy organisations, institutions, and individuals involved with the 2012 Games. This allowed me, in a highly accessible and engaging style, to capture a sense of the unfolding drama as attempts were made in London to harness the juggernaut of Olympic development, and its commercial imperative, to the broader cause of meaningful post-industrial regeneration in East London. The drama centres on the fight for the political prestige of the Olympic legacy and the struggle of a few determined individuals to take seriously and to honour the promises made in the Olympic bid to transform the heart of East London for the benefit of everyone who lives there. The heartening thing was to witness, inside the Olympic Park Legacy Company, the practical power of a vaguely left wing political idealism inspired by, or in tune with the promises of Ken Livingstone's framing of the legacy challenge. Battling without fail, for years on end, to make sure that a community focused legacy was embodied in the park, and its sporting venues, the unsung heroes of London's Olympic legacy are champions too. Their story deserves to be told, not just because of their steadfast heroism, or what that tells us about the forces these people were fighting against, but also because the practical process behind their determination to deliver 'regeneration proper' to the people of East London will provide the lessons for other host cities of how to do Olympic legacy better.