Brexit Plus Plus Plus

Brexit Plus Plus Plus: and so, we wake up at the crossroads. There is nothing surprising about the result of the American election, but it feels like something important has died. A wave of grief brings us to a temporary standstill while we gather our wits. This is the morning of what we must come to terms with - the reality of post-industrial society. We should not be shocked, but it is frightening - what has finally emerged, fully fledged. White working class men who have borne the brunt of the last thirty years of economic history in the UK and the USA have had their say, and they have joined forces, unwittingly, with the great mass of the population who have gradually lost faith in a social democracy emptied out of its moral value by its self-serving alliance with financial capitalism. Politicians are seen, popularly, to serve only their own interests, and hence their vision of liberation and progress - multicultural, multi-racial, female-centred, multi faith, multi-sexuality - has been rejected as the determination is made manifest to reject the establishment and everything it stands for. Only one thing is now certain: worlds will collide and the liberal metropolitan elite will rue the day that it lost the moral high ground because it took for granted the idea that people living in relative poverty could be ignored.