The Death Throes of the American Dream

Refusing to die quietly, the American Dream thrashes violently and becomes a parody of itself in the form of Donald Trump. Who else to symbolise that dream than a self-made billionaire, a cowboy who defies convention, shoots from the hip, and rides the ritual rodeo of the American presidential election as if it were nothing more than another reality TV show. All he intended, perhaps, was to do well enough to increase his ratings and, therefore, his bargaining power with the television networks, but to his great surprise, despite all his last-ditch attempts to sabotage his own chances of success, Trump has won the contest, and now finds himself President Elect, filling the space created by a political vacuum he had simply hoped to exploit. Suddenly, with the prospect of public office bearing down on him, the self-serving publicist looks like a celebrity who wishes he could get the hell out of there. Too late Trump - there is no escape for you, or any of us. This is reality, stupid.